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6 Video Games That Had Hilariously Terrible Localization


6 Video Games That Had Hilariously Terrible Localization

Translating games is a difficult job. So difficult, that fans often get stuck waiting years for translations of games they want to play in their preferred language.

The wait becomes so unbearable at times that fans take the translation process into their own hands, providing people with a way to play a game that otherwise would have not been possible (Mother 3, we’re looking at you).

However, there are also times when developers do decide to localize their game for other countries, but somewhere along the way, things get lost in translation.

Here are six games that had terrible localization.

Tales of Berseria

The 16th entry into the Tales series, for the most part, is localized quite well. The main story and quests in Tales of Berseria that players endure are handled with care and are accurate translations.

However, once the player steps outside of the main storyline and attempts some of the post-game sidequests, there is a stark difference in localization quality. So different in fact, that it feels as though a different localization team may have handled the efforts for these sections entirely.

The translation errors in the post-game are riddled with errors and come off as sounding like the ramblings of an insane person (see image above).

Reading the various translation mistakes multiple times serves no purpose as most of them are impossible to decipher, even for those that speak both Japanese and English. Attempting to determine what the writers actually meant is an exercise in futility.

For a game that released on PS4 only two years ago, you would expect the localization to be top-notch throughout the entire game, but alas, Tales of Berseria is riddled with localization errors that will more than likely leave you confused, but will most definitely make you laugh.

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