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10 4K & HD Gears 5 Wallpapers You Need to Make Your Next Desktop Background


10 4K & HD Gears 5 Wallpapers You Need to Make Your Next Desktop Background

Gears of War 5 is finally upon us, and it’s been worth the wait. Developer The Coalition has propelled the series back into the spotlight with what is perhaps the series’ marquee title.

Indeed, from beginning to end, we were captivated by its excellent campaign, and the feel of its excellent gameplay has breathed life into the classic multiplayer modes we’ve always loved.

To celebrate the triumph, we’ve compiled 10 awesome 4K and HD wallpapers that we think would make terrific desktop backgrounds for any Gears fan. So without further ado, let’s show you what we’ve found.

We had to kick off with this: one of several seriously cool 4K wallpapers designed by Luke Preece. These are available as a free download pack via Microsoft’s storefront.

An awesome design that places the game’s characters within Kait’s frame. HD download.

Both the Ice and Rock Omen make for a kick-ass wallpaper, and both can be downloaded in resolutions suitable for all devices via the games official site.

Great image of what appears to be Kait staring out across the wartorn planet. HD download.

Used to promote the all-new Escape mode, this action-packed image is a sweet background. 4K download.

Delmont locking horns with the enemy while remaining to look cool in the process. 4K download.

This image was made popular as promotional material for the game pre-launch. 4K download.

The squad descending into the depths. 4K download.

Plain and simple, but it still makes for a very slick background. 4K download.

Zipping around on the Skiff was such a highlight of Gears 5. 4K download.

If you haven’t already then do check out our review of Gears 5.

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