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What’s New in No Man’s Sky Beyond? Everything You Need to Know

No Man's Sky Beyond

What’s New in No Man’s Sky Beyond? Everything You Need to Know

Hello Games is on a mission to improve No Man’s Sky, going above and beyond to entice players to try out their action-adventure survival game with free, extensive DLC. While the Next update certainly changed a lot of minds on the title, No Man’s Sky Beyond looks to be even more impressive.

With changes ranging from how players interact with the world to what they can create in it, No Man’s Sky Beyond takes the redeemed title beyond even what was initially promised but left undelivered.

Rideable Aliens

In a game where you can do anything and go anywhere, the only logical answer to “what would be the first thing players would want to do in No Man’s Sky?” should always have been riding an alien.

With No Man’s Sky Beyond, dreams will finally come true, as the update is set to introduce the ability to not only tame creatures but ride them as well.

Whether it is biped or even crab-like aliens, players will never have to walk across the terrain of a planet again. Instead, they can simply call on one of their trusty steeds to transport them throughout the world.

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