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Top 10 Best Video Game Speedruns You Need to See


Top 10 Best Video Game Speedruns You Need to See

Resident Evil VII by CarcinogenSDA

The best part about this particular speedrun is that even if you don’t know a thing about Resident Evil VII, or if you’ve never even watched a speedrun before, this is a thoroughly entertaining watch from start to finish.

Carcinogen’s run of Resident Evil VII on New Game, Madhouse difficulty is one of the most impressive speedruns GDQ’s ever seen. The run itself is pretty challenging, where a few mishaps will force the runner to improvise on the spot, drawing on their memory of where all the item pickups are, and making detours to keep the run alive.

Not to mention the fact that Carcinogen himself is also very good at explaining the technical parts of the run, such as how movement speed works in the game, and why the cursor memory matters when doing inventory management.

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