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These 10 Ridiculously Expensive Amiibo Will Break the Bank


These 10 Ridiculously Expensive Amiibo Will Break the Bank

Amiibo started out as inexpensive physical collectibles that added small bits and pieces of content to games on the Wii U. However, that changed overnight as scalpers swiftly scooped up some of the rarer figures like Villager and Wii Fit Trainer and made them hit ridiculously expensive price points.

The amiibo craze has died down considerably, but Nintendo is still putting out their toys to life figures despite the demise of similar items like Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions.

As the Japanese toy company continues to keep amiibo alive, certain figurines just keep getting more pricey.

Since combo packs of amiibo are inherently going to cost more than single amiibo they were disqualified from the list. Also, any figure that has a manufacturer defect will not be on the list. Sorry to the fans of legless Peach and double arm canon Samus.

These amiibo are ones that you’ll be able to find and purchase today on eBay, albeit for a high price. The figures on this list are sorted based upon their loose price on Price Charting.

New in box prices will be listed in parenthesis next to the loose price. Here are 10 of the most expensive amiibo you can buy today.

Ocarina of Time Link

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If you can’t release Breath of the Wild on the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, then surely a small figure of Link will do, right? Well, that’s all you get. To be fair, the LoZ 30th anniversary amiibo are some of the best figures Nintendo has made.

The amount of detail was much better than the original Smash Bros. Link and the face looked like something an actual human would have on the front of their head.

This is one of the less expensive 30th anniversary Link amiibo figurines out there, but it’s still many times more expensive than its original release price. If you’re looking to pick one up online, then you’ll likely have to part with $44 (new: $64).

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