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Lengthy New GreedFall Trailer Explains Companion Mechanics


Lengthy New GreedFall Trailer Explains Companion Mechanics

Developer Spiders’ upcoming open-world fantasy RPG has a new trailer as part of Microsoft’s Inside Xbox showcase, this time detailing how the game’s companions factor into its many role-playing mechanics.

We get a good look at how you’ll be able to build your party dynamic based on the different gameplay attributes of each companion. The many characters on offer appear to all have unique story arcs, too, which will shape the game’s overarching narrative.

The trailer’s description reads:

“In GreedFall, you are a diplomat above all else. What defines your character is how you deal with the unique situations your position puts you in, and the company you choose to keep.

Think your choices well, as each of the companions you encounter on your journey belongs to one of the many factions or guilds, with all the prejudices and ambitions this may bring. “

You can check out the trailer for yourself below:

Twinfinite recently published an article urging fans of The Witcher series to keep GreedFall on their radars, and this latest trailer certainly gives us even more reason to reinforce the message. A grim fantasy world full of strange monsters, compelling characters, and a unique story premise gives us hope that this could be Spiders’ breakout hit.

GreedFall will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC next month, Sept. 10.

For more GreedFall footage, check out the game’s previous story trailer revealed at E3 2019.

In related recent news, developer Spiders was recently acquired by publisher Bigben Interactive.

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