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Every Pokemon Villain Team Ranked From Worst to Best


Every Pokemon Villain Team Ranked From Worst to Best

Throughout the years, we’ve come to know quite a few different teams of villains trying to ruin the world of Pokemon. From Kanto to Alola we’ve thwarted their plans every step of the way.

With Pokemon Sword and Shield on the horizon, we’re looking back at all of the teams we’ve fought along the way.

We’re going to rank each team based on their wild ambitions, how evil their plans really are, and how competent they are at actually trying to carry them out.

6. Team Skull


Source: Aminoapps

Team Skull doesn’t have any direction outside of “we are here to disrupt anything and everything that exists.” Their leader Guzma, has the high ambitions of being a puppet of Lusamine, President of the Aether Foundation.

Guzma learns the hard way what being a puppet of someone so corrupt can lead to. Guzma’s actions lead him to the land of the Ultra Beasts, where he loses his mind.

Team Skull accomplished very little than being a slight nuisance in the Alola Region.

This makes the team one of the weaker Pokemon villains for sure, fortunately, Sun and Moon has the Aether Foundation to serve as an actual threat to the Alola region and provide a little more juice to the Sun and Moon story.

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