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5 Studios That Make Sense For Sony to Acquire Next


5 Studios That Make Sense For Sony to Acquire Next

Quantic Dream

For the last few years, Quantic Dream has been loyal to Sony, publishing three PlayStation exclusives with them: Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human. 

Each was well-received, with Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human winning plenty of nominations and rewards for their intricate narratives and interactivity. 

Recently though, the studio revealed that they will no longer be making PlayStation exclusive titles. 

Instead of just making games for Sony, the company will open up its options on PC and other consoles. 

So far, they’ve already announced that PC versions of all three exclusives mentioned above will be self-published throughout 2019. 

This announcement comes off the back of acquisition by Chinese company NetEase Games, as they purchased a majority share in the french game developer. 

Currently, Quantic Dream still functions independently from NetEase, though it wouldn’t be surprising if the Chinese company looked to expand its partnership with the developer even more in the future.

Few developers know and are associated with Sony and PlayStation more than Quantic Dream, making this a studio worth getting into a bidding war over. 

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