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12 of the Most Shocking Video Game Betrayals of All Time


12 of the Most Shocking Video Game Betrayals of All Time

We’ve all felt the soul-crushing impact of betrayal one way or another. However some of the most painful betrayals come from the world of video games, and unfortunately I’m here to remind you of them, and also to reveal one NPC betrayal you probably didn’t even think about.

Prepare to get salty once more as we look back on this top 12 video game betrayals list, and remember why you hate characters you once loved.

We’re going to start with a somewhat silly one and the warn you that we’re going to obviously be discussing major spoilers for some major games.

We steered away from any recent major releases. In fact, nothing on this list is even originally from this generation of consoles, but this is your warning nonetheless. If you scroll through and see a game you don’t want to be spoiled in the header, keep on scrolling. With all that said, if you don’t want to risk it, please don’t read. You’ve been warned!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Believe it or Not


Isabelle's betrayal in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Here’s an unlikely betrayal you didn’t think about, but it’s real, it hurts, and if you have little time to spend on your 3DS, it never ends. Isabelle seems to be the epitome of the perfect assistant.

Always trying to help, working all day every day at the town hall and catering to your every need. But when she says she ‘looked after the town while you were away’ if you had to abandon your 3DS for a couple weeks, she’s lying to you.

You log in, open the front door of your house and step outside. Your town is now utterly destroyed, weeds are everywhere and your favourite deer villager just couldn’t take it anymore and moved away. STILL no one has contributed to the fountain project you set up before you left, and Isabelle is waving and smiling like the whole thing is fine and dandy.

Just because she’s a cute puppy in a receptionist outfit doesn’t take away from the fact that she LIED TO YOU, and did nothing as your town crumbled into ruin. Bet you didn’t expect that one.

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