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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How to Use XP Cubes & Get Them

how to use XP Cubes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How to Use XP Cubes & Get Them

Throughout the duration of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, players will be able to switch between various superheroes as they take on Thanos and his henchmen known as The Black Order. Of course, the further into the story you go, the more powerful the enemies you face will become. XP Cubes can help level up your characters. Here’s how to use XP Cubes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

What Do They Do?

Before we dive into how to get or use these handy items, you’re probably wondering exactly what they do. Simply put, XP Cubes, as the name suggests, provide an XP boost to any character you use it on. There are multiple types of these cubes that give more and more XP. We’ve listed all the different types and how much XP they grant below:

XP Cube TypeXP Granted

How to Get XP Cubes

The best way to get XP Cubes is to head into Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s Infinity Trials mode. These put you in a ton of different combat situations with a twist. For example, one might require you to use abilities and synergies, while another might significantly reduce the amount of damage your standard attacks do.

Infinity Trials will net you these the fastest and easiest way in MUA 3, but they can also be earned by simply progressing through the story and keeping an eye out for the various treasure boxes scattered throughout the levels. They don’t require much exploration to find them, but they also don’t net you half as many as simply completing Infinity Trials will.

How to Use XP Cubes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Once you’ve got one of these experience boosts that you want to use, open your “Team” menu from the main menu and select the character you want to grant the XP boost to. When you’re on a character’s page, press X to bring up the XP Cubes and pick which one you want to use.

Press A to confirm and they’ll be given the little chunk of experience to hopefully push them up to the next level.

That’s everything you need to know on how to use XP Cubes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki or more of our MUA 3 guides down below.

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