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Fortnite Clown Boards Locations: How to Score 10+ on a Carnival Clown Board


Fortnite Clown Boards Locations: How to Score 10+ on a Carnival Clown Board

The latest Fortnite14 Days of Summer challenge tasks players with getting a score of 10 or more on a Carnival Clown Board. In this guide, we’ll be running you through all Fortnite clown board locations, as well as how to get a score of 10 or more nice and easily. That includes the best boards to visit for a hassle-free time from other players.

Fortnite Clown Board Locations

There are six carnival clown boards that you can go and visit found across Fortnite’s map. They’re all conveniently found right by those beach parties you were dancing at for the first of the 14 Days of Summer challenges. They’re all marked on the map above, but we’ve also included screenshots and written directions down below.

1. North of Lazy Lagoon

fortnite carnival clown boards

The first of the Fortnite carnival boards can be found just north of Lazy Lagoon at a beach party.

2. Northwest of Loot Lake

In the northwest corner of Loot Lake, you’ll find another of the carnival boards waiting for you to get a score of 10 or more at.

3. Southeast of Neo Tilted

Just southeast of Neo Tilted, there’s another make-shift beach party. The carnival boards just by the tree.

4. Southeast of Dusty Divot

fortnite carnival clown boards

In the southeast corner of Dusty Divot itself, you’ll find another Fortnite carnival board by the snow cone van.

5. Northwest of Paradise Palms

fortnite carnival clown boards

Just northwest of Paradise Palms you’ll find a little oasis, complete with barbecue, sun loungers, and its very own carnival clown board.

6. Southwest of Paradise Palms

The last of the Fortnite carnival boards can be found at the little oasis just southwest of Paradise Palms. It’s directly north of the gas station at the very south of the biome, too.

How to Get a Score of 10 or More on a Carnival Clown Board in Fortnite

Now that you know where you can find them all, it’s simply a case of going to the quietest ones. We’d recommend heading to the one north of Lazy Lagoon, or southwest of Paradise Palms. The others are far too close to busy areas with heavy traffic as the game progresses, meaning you’re likely to get into a fight while you’re busy hacking away at the clown board.

To get a score of 10 or more, all you need to do is walk over to the board and interact with it by pressing X on Xbox One, Y on Switch, Square on PS4, or E on PC. After doing this, the game will begin, and balloons will pop out of the various holes on the clown board. Use your harvester to slash away at the balloons as they come up.

It’s fairly easy up until you reach a score of about 6 or 7, and then it gets a little bit more difficult, with balloons popping up faster and in twos. Simply aim for the bottom of the balloon and the hole, and you’ll get them every time.

That’s everything you need to know to get a score of 10 or more on the Fortnite carnival clown boards for the 14 Days of Summer challenge. For more locations guides for these summer-themed challenges, be sure to check them out down below.

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