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Fortbyte 83 Location: Found in a Rock Garden Near the Coast in Fortnite


Fortbyte 83 Location: Found in a Rock Garden Near the Coast in Fortnite

Fortbyte 83 has landed on Fortnite’s map and can be ‘Found in a Rock Garden Near the Coast.’ If you’re having issues trying to track this down, however, what with the coast of the island being pretty big and all, you’re in the right place. Here’s Fortbyte 83’s location in a rock garden near the coast in Fortnite.

Fortbyte 83 Location: Where the Rock Garden Near the Coast Is – J4

This Fortbyte can be found on the east coast of the map. It’s just north of Lonely Lodge and southeast of Sunny Steps. Specifically, you’re looking for a hill with a brown patch on your map. We’ve included a map screenshot above so you know where you’re heading towards.

As you’re gliding in, you’ll spot the two stone giants that have been on the map for a good few seasons now in different spots. When you land, here, we advise grabbing one of the chests in this area, as other players seem to land here quite a bit.

Once you’ve got your hands on a weapon, you’ll find Fortbyte 83 on the north perimeter of the rock garden near the coast, in the corner by the fence. Walk on over to it and interact with it by pressing E on PC, X on Xbox One, and Square on PS4 and you’ll add it to your collection. Congratulations, you’re one step closer to getting your hands on that Singularity skin.

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