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#FaceAppChallenge: Video Game Character Edition


#FaceAppChallenge: Video Game Character Edition

If you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or pretty much any other social media app, then you’ve probably seen people posting morphed photos of themselves via the FaceApp application, tagging their pictures with #FaceAppChallenge.

The app allows you to use any photo of any person and you have the option to see the face changed into the opposite gender, a younger version, and also an aged version –which is the one that’s been the most popular as of late.

It’s really funny to see your friends, family members, and significant other as an old person, but how funny would it be to check out some famous video game characters in a new light? I’m talking about old age.

We picked 15 photos of various video game characters, put ’em through the aging process using FaceApp and we just had to share the results with the masses! Here is the #FaceAppChallenge: Video Game Edition.

Let’s start off with everyone’s favorite moody, big-sword wielding hero from FF7, Cloud Strife:

Cloud – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

faceappchallenge, aged cloud, ff7 remake

Cloud and Aerith both look gorgeous in the most recent trailers for the upcoming FF7 Remake, but aged Cloud looks like he literally does not care at all about Aerith’s gift to him.

He’s done with everything and this is probably how these characters are going to look once all of the “episodes” of FF7 are finally released to the public.

I think Cloud has definitely failed the #FaceAppChallenge.

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