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Apex Legends: All Season 2 Legends Ranked Worst to Best


Apex Legends: All Season 2 Legends Ranked Worst to Best

With the release of Apex Legends Season 2, we also saw various gameplay tweak be implemented that affect the game’s weapons, map, and legends.

A whole new legend named Wattson was added, a Static Defender who uses electricity to control areas of the map and repair her and her teammates’ shields. Various nerfs and buffs were also added to the already existing cast of colorful characters.

With these new changes in mind, here is a ranking of all the Apex Legends Season 2 Legends from worst to best based on their abilities and usefulness in the game.

All Legends in Apex Legends Season 2 Ranked from Worst to Best

#10 – Gibraltar

Even though Gibraltar got a very decent buff this season, this doesn’t prevent him from progressing past the bottom spot on our best legends list.

Along with his Dome of Protection duration increasing by three seconds, his passive Fortified has increased so he now takes 5% less damage (his damage reduction raising from 10% to 15%) and is immune to slow effects from weapon fire alongside Caustic.

Even with these changes, his hitbox is just too massive, he has very limited mobility, and his abilities are just not good enough to make him a well-rounded pick.

While his Dome of Protection is great at protecting allies in certain situations, it also acts like a beacon which can draw in enemies for the opposite effect. Close-ranged enemies are not exactly Gibraltar’s best friend.

His Gun Shield is also one of the worst abilities in the game, especially for players who prefer to be more mobile and quick in battle. His shield provides 75 health to his upper body, but causes him to move a lot slower even with smaller weapons. It also has a very long cooldown that requires Shield Cells or Batteries to regain quicker.

His ultimate Defensive Bombardment is the best aspect of his kit, but is strikingly similar to Bangalore’s who just beats Gibraltar on this list due to her more well-rounded kit.

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