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7 DLC Characters That Should Be Added to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3


7 DLC Characters That Should Be Added to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has brought back the fan-favorite series, this time exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. While the game already features a massive roster of over 30 characters, there are even more on the way with three different DLC packs focusing on X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Marvel Knights.

We have a few ideas on what characters we want to see come to Ultimate Alliance 3, but there are a few exceptions. We can’t include Moon Knight, Punisher, Blade, or Morbius, as they’ve already been confirmed for the Marvel Knights DLC. At the same time, we haven’t included the actual members of the Fantastic Four, as that’s far too obvious.

Silver Surfer

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Silver Surfer is one incredibly powerful hero, and easily one of the most iconic looking in all of Marvel history. That silver sheen and sleek surfboard are absolutely unmistakable.

While all of the Fantastic Four are easy picks for the DLC, Silver Surfer is another character that could easily be introduced there due to his heavy involvement with Marvel’s first family.

Silver Surfer’s cosmic abilities could make him a blast to play as, just like he was in the first Ultimate Alliance. From firing a ray of cosmic energy, to rearranging his atoms for a surprise attack, Silver Surfer could have some really cool moves to play around with. His board would also make him a super agile character that could easily pepper enemies with attacks from the air.

Out of all the Marvel characters out there, Silver Surfer is one of the heroes that feels like a glaring omission in Ultimate Alliance 3.

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