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6 First-Person Shooters With Killer In-Game Soundtracks


6 First-Person Shooters With Killer In-Game Soundtracks

The video game genre of first-person shooters tends to get a bad reputation, as many simply associate it with mindless killing. While that may be the case with some titles, some shooters contain beautiful, awe-inspiring in-game soundtracks that create a distinct experience all by themselves.

To prove it, we’ve compiled a list of six first-person shooters with killer in-game soundtracks.

Halo: Combat Evolved

As a series, Halo has a lot of awe-inspiring music that is responsible for setting the tone for Master Chief’s world ending battles.

Whether he is fighting the covenant, flood, or remnant, though, few soundtracks are able to match the groundbreaking score of the original.

From the first time players emerge from the escape pod on the halo to the eerie first contact with the flood, Halo Combat Evolved’s music invokes emotions that really make battles feel exciting and intense.

The slow symphonic build up that accompanies each level raises heart rates to the point where it actually feels like a fight, serving to immerse many in this unique sci-fi experience.

To this day, you’ll still find people replicating the original theme song in empty, echoey bathrooms and parking garages in tribute to its operatic glory.

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