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12 Ridiculously Expensive Games That Will Lay Waste to Your Wallet


12 Ridiculously Expensive Games That Will Lay Waste to Your Wallet

Video games are not cheap, and if you’re looking to get into the world of collecting games, then prepare yourself for some price shock as some extremely rare titles can get into the thousands. This list contains some of the most expensive games you can buy right now from post-market sellers.

To be clear, these are only original versions of retail games. That means this won’t include any demo carts or anything like the Nintendo World Championship NES carts. Also, anything that was released as a special edition bundle is inherently more valuable than just the game by itself, so they have been omitted to avoid this list becoming a bunch of collector’s editions.

Poop Slinger (PS4)


A wise man once said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but the current value of this game is pure garbage. Poop Slinger was a title thought to be a joke game that only sold a puny 84 copies.

The April Fool’s Day physical release date did it no favors for those who doubted the legitimacy of the game and its publisher — Limited Rare Games — who ripped off the Limited Run Games Logo.

Right now, you can find the game all over eBay selling for $350 to $850. It’s a shame that the indie developers,, will likely never see a single cent of that money.

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