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10 Video Games That Might Just Ruin Your Friendships


10 Video Games That Might Just Ruin Your Friendships

Playing video games with friends is supposed to bring enjoyment but it is all fun and games until cooperation breaks down or competition takes over. As such, we’ve compiled a list of 10 video games that might ruin your friendships if you aren’t careful.

2K Series


Sports have always bred heated competition between friends, as different teams result in varying loyalties –which are promptly tested against each other throughout each season. The only thing that could make rivalry allegiances more fierce is any of the games in the 2K series.

Between the NBA and MLB installments, there is no doubt that each of the 2K sports series has ruined a friendship or two. Whether it is a tight game or a blowout, a single game or even a full season, the simulated shenanigans that occur throughout games can be enraging.

Injuries, unforced errors, and plenty of other things that can happen for one player and not the other often result in a “that’s BS” comment or two.

Even 2K’s WWE sports entertainment series is likely to be the cause of some strife between friends, as there is always one friend in the group who just mashes the same button and spams the same move over and over again.

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