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The Best Super Smash Bros. Mini-Games, All 10 Ranked


The Best Super Smash Bros. Mini-Games, All 10 Ranked

10. Lottery (Melee)

Wario casino

I don’t think he should have been let in with that attire.

Does this even count as a mini-game?

A Melee-exclusive function, you’d place your hard-earned coins into the capsule machine, and it would spit out a trophy. If you put in a little bit of extra cash, you had a better chance of unearthing a new one, visually represented as shaking the bejeezus out of the machine. You’ll probably get kicked out of the store if you keep that up.

One of the silly things about this mode, of course, is that once you’ve collected all of the trophies within the lottery machine, it serves no earthly purpose other than to suck you dry of your funds. Much like actual gachapon machines, funnily enough.

As an aside, there aren’t exactly any worthwhile pictures of Melee’s Lottery mode, so in its place, we have added a thought-provoking image of Wario at the casino. He gambles responsibly, but he spends most of his winnings on garlic and hookers, so it’s a mixed bag.

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