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Star Citizen Get New Videos About AI, Alpha 3.6, and More

Star Citizen

Star Citizen Get New Videos About AI, Alpha 3.6, and More

Cloud Imperium Games released a couple of new videos showing off more of the future of its space simulator Star Citizen.

The first video showcases several improvements that are being made to the artificial intelligence in game, both on the ground level and on ships while in space.

We also get a rundown of the most relevant features of the upcoming major update Alpha 3.6, which is currently being tested by the Evocati focus group of user.

Looking further down the line, we get a glimpse at the captain’s quarters in the Anvil Carrack.

The second video features a long conversation with Live Game Director Todd Papy, mostly talking about all things Alpha 3.6, with some excursion into what’s coming into future patches as well.

You can check both out below.

If you want to hear more about Star Citizen, you can read our interview with Cloud Imperium Games Los Angeles studio director Eric Kieron Davis discussing all things about the current alpha 3.5.

You can also check out a recent video showing more of Alpha 3.6, another focusing on the Origin 300 series and customization, and the most recent one showing the Esperia Prowler.

For the sake of full disclosure, you should probably keep in mind that the author of this article is among the backers of the game since the original Kickstarter campaign a long time ago.

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