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Pokemon Go: How to Get Cherubi & Evolve to Cherrim (Sunshine & Overcast Forms)

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: How to Get Cherubi & Evolve to Cherrim (Sunshine & Overcast Forms)

The Cherubi and Cherrim evolution line won’t win you tons of raid battles against Kyogre. No, these Pokemon are for the collectors. If you absolutely need to fill up your dex with every form of every creature out there, then here’s how you can get one of the latest form-changing Pokemon in the game.

How to Get Cherubi & Evolve to Cherrim (Sunshine & Overcast Forms)

Cherubi marks the first time in Pokemon Go that an evolved Pokemon’s form is determined by the weather. Castform types available in the wild change based upon the weather, but nothing evolves into it, and that makes Cherubi and Cherrim unique.


Cherubi can currently be hatched from the 5km eggs that you can find at Pokestops. Pokemon number 420 can also be found in the wild around grassy areas, like parks. Like with hunting for most Pokemon, you’ll want to stay close to as many Pokestops as you can to help determine Cherubi’s location. Of course, lures are always a reliable option around Pokestops when you’re catching in Pokemon Go.

Cherrim (Overcast)

Now we get to the fun part, evolving Cherubi into Cherrim. You’ll have to stock up on just a few candies as it takes 50 to move your little Cherry Pokemon buddy up to its next evolutionary form. However, you can’t just do these things without any prior thought of when you’re evolving Cherubi.

Statistically, the Overcast form of Cherrim is the most common one you’ll see in the wild. That’s because of any weather status besides Sunny will result in Cherrim taking its Overcast form. Whether you find it in the wild or evolve it from Cherubi, Cherrim will always be in its Overcast form if

Cherrim (Sunshine)

The Sunshine Cherrim is the peppy sibling of the dark and brooding Overcast form. As its form name implies, this version of the Blossom Pokemon is only obtainable during Sunny weather. Cherubi will evolve into Sunshine Cherrim and this form will also be catchable in the wild.

There’s no statistical or moveset difference between the two Cherrim forms, so its main purpose in Pokemon Go is to be collected. It’s not very strong, but it’ll get you one step closer to completing your Pokedex.

That’s all there is to know about how to get Cherubi and its Evolved Forms. While you’re out there playing Pokemon Go this Summer, check out all the information about the game’s third anniversary.

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