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Enough With the Sheep! 5 Way More Interesting Animals That Should Be Pokemon


Enough With the Sheep! 5 Way More Interesting Animals That Should Be Pokemon

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Way back in October 2017, we opined on several overlooked animals that would make for stellar Pokemon.

Here we are more than a year and a half later, and we’ve been introduced to a scant few of the new kids on the block debuting in Sword and Shield. Though several of them look pretty nifty, you’d be excused for thinking that they’re treading down familiar ground.

Wooloo is just a Mareep absent of static electricity, and Corviknight is a Murkrow who joins in LARP events on the weekends.

Our first batch here on Twinfinite may have been insightful and wonderful, but I’m older, wiser and roughly forty pounds heavier because I seem to sit around eating bread all day – so of course, there are many more animals that ought to be reborn as highly marketable PokeFriends.



Everyone loves hummingbirds. Absolutely everyone. I know this because I asked everyone prior to writing this entry. If you don’t recall being asked, you were probably sleeping at the time, and that’s your fault, not mine. Lock your windows next time.

In any event, hummingbirds are well known for their blindingly fast wings and general adorableness. Watching them flit about, suckling the nectar from flowers can bring peace to an otherwise miserable day.

As hummingbirds are unlike your average avian, it could also be an opportunity to rectify one of the franchise’s most glaring flaws: the fact that there is only one pure flying-type Pokemon in the entire series.

That’s right. Apparently only a literal tornado is considered flying enough to be given the distinction, and it’s no doubt caused great duress for enthusiasts of the typing who just want another airborne friend to call their own.

If you’re concerned about what would happen if the hummingbird used Roost (a move it would most certainly have in its arsenal), you could just change it to normal in that instance, as has been proven in the coding with Tornadus.

Alternatively, wouldn’t it be hilarious if it became a ground-type, simply because it was on the ground? Every time it healed, it would also become immune to electric attacks, and that would add all kinds of wrinkles into the metagame.

Do it for the chaos, dammit.

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