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8 Great Detective Games Like Judgment If You’re Looking For Something Similar


8 Great Detective Games Like Judgment If You’re Looking For Something Similar

If you’re feeling the detective themes in Judgment there’s, luckily, plenty of other great detective games out there, both in terms of games that actually have you playing as a detective, and games that nail that detective feel. Here are eight great detective games like Judgment

Judgment is the latest game from the makers of Yakuza, and it’s their take on the detective thriller genre. You play as a lawyer-turned-detective named Takayuki Yagami, an as you might expect, there’s plenty of mystery and intrigue throughout the game’s story.

L.A. Noire

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You can’t get any closer to the quintessential detective experience than L.A Noire, a game that emulates that film noir experience to the tiniest detail. The Rockstar epic takes place in Los Angeles in the 1940 and 50s, letting you play as an up-and-coming detective named Cole Phelps.

The game is split up into a series of grisly murder cases, all of which tie into a larger overall story. L.A. Noire is about as nitty-gritty on detective work as any game out there.

You’ll need to search crime scenes and piece together evidence, examining each object for extra hints or clues. Interrogating witnesses and suspects is also a huge piece of the game, and at the time, L.A. Noire’s facial capture technology was revolutionary, if a bit uncanny.

You’ll need to read emotions and ticks on people’s faces to deduce whether they’re telling the truth or not. Of course like any Rockstar game, there’s plenty of shooting, driving, and open world activities to get into as well.

L.A. Noire absolutely nails its detective story, providing plenty of mystery and intrigue along the way, and it’s the closest video games have ever actually gotten to film noir.

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