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7 Biggest No-Shows of E3 2019 That We Still Can’t Get Over


7 Biggest No-Shows of E3 2019 That We Still Can’t Get Over

Fable IV


Fable IV has been rumored as in development for quite some time, but an impending announcement started gaining real traction in the weeks prior to E3. So much so, that we’d really expected the game for Microsoft’s E3 2019 presser and were left in a bit of a state of shock when that didn’t happen.

In hindsight, something akin to a Fable IV announcement and gameplay reveal is exactly the sort of content that was missing from Microsoft’s showcase this year. We’ve no doubt that opening the show with something on this magnitude would have completely changed the narrative and we’d all be talking about what a great conference it was instead of lamenting how lackluster it was.

So what does this mean? Is Fable IV dead in the water? That seems unlikely. Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire, and Fable IV fits the profile of game that Microsoft needs to be added to the Xbox ecosystem — one that wins over fans old and new, and brings a much-needed RPG experience to the library.

Unfortunately, it seems we’ll just have to hang out a little longer for Fable IV.

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