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5 Ubisoft E3 Conference Predictions You’ll Hope We’re Right About


5 Ubisoft E3 Conference Predictions You’ll Hope We’re Right About

Watch Dogs Switches Things Up

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Even though Ubisoft’s crime/hacking/third-person shooter franchise has only seen two entries so far, the series has gone through at least one drastic change, which leaves us wondering where Ubisoft will go next with this one.

The first Watch Dogs was super gritty and took place in the cold and windy city of Chicago, and Watch Dogs 2 brought us to the bay area of San Francisco and was much more colorful and whimsical than its predecessor.

Now, Ubisoft has confirmed that a new Watch Dogs game is in development, titled as Watch Dogs Legion, but we still don’t know anything about it besides the fact that it seems to be taking place somewhere in the U.K.

There were rumors that the third Watch Dogs would bring players to London and put them in the shoes of a girl named Sarah. She would apparently use non-lethal weapons like batons and tasers (over guns and knives) and would also use parkour to get around the city.

Ubisoft taking Watch Dogs and bringing it to the UK would definitely be interesting to see, and also being in control of a female character who doesn’t “kill” her enemies.

Ubisoft does a fantastic job at recreating real-world locations as if they’ve done with the Assassin’s Creed series and past Watch Dogs games, so we’re sure that London would just look spectacular for the new entry.

We already know that Watch Dogs Legion will be revealed in some capacity during the presser, but let’s hope that we actually get a release date or something as well as some fresh gameplay showing where the series is headed next.

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