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5 Great Games That Let You Jump Through Time and Space… and Time (Again)


5 Great Games That Let You Jump Through Time and Space… and Time (Again)

Chrono Trigger

best time travel games

Chrono Trigger is regarded as one of the best JRPG of all-times thanks heavily to the super creative ways that the game utilizes time travel.

Chrono Trigger throws the protagonist, Crono into a time-traveling adventure that takes him and his gang of quirky characters into the prehistoric age full of dinosaurs, a post-apocalyptic world filled with toxic waste, and even medieval times.

Trying to save the world is no easy feat, as you will have to go across multiple timelines and alternate dimensions to reach all 13 endings. Each conclusion still revolves around defeating big bad Lavos, but each ending will have you fighting him in different locations and in different ways.

Whenever you would jump from point A to point B, the time periods that you would end up in would have a different feel from the last. The enemies would be appropriate for the time period and the way that you navigate the world map also changed quite a bit.

There was also a sweet motorcycle race that took place in one of the future eras that made it stand apart from the others. And you can’t forget that each new party member that joined your team came from different eras as well, with movesets corresponding to where they came from. The game was a superb mix of different universes, timelines, and eras in history that just blended so well together.

The sidequests were also pretty awesome as they really fleshed out the side characters in a way that other games tend to stray away from. These weren’t just simple fetch-quests but instead, were plot-heavy missions that felt like you were still playing the main game quests.

When it comes to the best games that deal with outlandish and crazy time travel nonsense, Chrono Trigger is the best of the bunch and was and still is an exceptional game.

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