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Rage 2: Beginner Tips & Tricks


Rage 2: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Hit Up All the Arks

rage 2

It won’t be long before you finally get access to the wide open world in Rage 2. Before you start sprinting towards the nearest main missions, though, we highly recommend that you visit the nearby known Ark locations first.

Check your map to see where the Arks are, and head there. These areas are usually well-guarded by enemies, but they also contain tons of storage chests and Ark chests that contain useful resources and crafting materials. Just grabbing these chests alone will give you a nice head start in the game.

In addition to that, the Arks themselves are also home to key superpowers that will definitely give you an edge in combat. The double jump and Shatter abilities are just a couple of powers you can grab before starting the next main missions, and these can come in very handy, so don’t skip them.

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