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Best Horror Games on Nintendo Switch That’ll Scare You Silly


Best Horror Games on Nintendo Switch That’ll Scare You Silly

Outlast 1 + 2

outlast, horror games switch

If you’re looking for one of the scariest games to have released in the past few years or so, look no further than Outlast.

It’s about a journalist that winds up in a decrepit mental institution to investigate some disappearances (first wrong move) and ends up partaking in some very strange and scary situations.

Outlast’s main gameplay element is the use of his camcorder, which allows him to see in the dark thanks to its night-vision feature. But, this camera runs on batteries that you have to find around the hospital, and trust us, there’s not a lot to be found. There are times that you have to conserve your battery so that you don’t run out when you really need to.

These moments of pure darkness are uncomfortable, unsettling, and just plain spooky. You’re also avoiding this deranged man who’s trying to perform experiments on you who is usually wielding a gigantic pair of scissors –oh yeah, and you can’t attack him either.

All you can do in Outlast is hide, and if you’re not good at hiding and moving stealthily, then you will need a lot of luck.

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