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Best FFXII Jobs, All 12 Ranked (Final Fantasy XII)


Best FFXII Jobs, All 12 Ranked (Final Fantasy XII)

Final Fantasy XII aka FFXII is back in store shelves again. This time by way of the Switch port of the international edition of the classic game. It was pretty divisive then, and it still is now, but now those that weren’t a fan of features like the gambit system them can give it another try with some modern conveniences. What will make your time in Ivalice easier is knowing what the best FFXII jobs are so that way you can ensure your party has the best combo of jobs possible.

Let’s break down the best FFXII jobs starting with the last entry on our list.

12. Bushi

As cool as samurai classes usually are, the Bushi job feels surprisingly underwhelming in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. It’s not that it’s awful, mind you, it’s just a class that doesn’t seem to bring anything particularly useful to the table, especially when compared to the other melee classes in the game, and thus why it ranks last on our list of the best FFXII jobs.

Having access to the Genji licenses is nice, but ultimately, the Bushi job is meant to be paired with other jobs for utility, and it isn’t all that impressive on its own. That said, while you’ll never see insane damage numbers from Bushi as compared to some other jobs, it is good at chaining combos.

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