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6 Iconic Capcom Franchises We Should All Be Thankful For


6 Iconic Capcom Franchises We Should All Be Thankful For

Monster Hunter

Capcom’s Monster Hunter series has always excelled in giving players a rewarding and satisfying challenge. By playing with up to four other hunters, you can take on huge monsters and wyverns by communicating and working together to hunt and/or kill the beasts.

The vast array of weapon types, equipment, and customization options make every hunt feel different from the last.

Considering that Monster Hunter: World has gone on to sell over 12 million units, there’s no doubt that Capcom has done something great with this online action role-playing series.

When you and your friends are dying in the midst of a fight with a formidable monster, with no more healing items on you, it can give you the most intense feeling ever. Things can get even more stressful if you’re by yourself in the same situation.

We have to thank Capcom for bringing this series of video games into existence. There are only a handful of other games that have attempted to recreate the gameplay loop of MH (God Eater, Freedom Wars) but none have surpassed the beast of a franchise that this is.

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