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6 Helpful Tips & Tricks for Dauntless Beginners


6 Helpful Tips & Tricks for Dauntless Beginners

Watch the Danger Meter

tips and tricks for beginners

Once you begin a quest in Dauntless, you will see a danger meter on the top-right corner of the screen that shows a percentage. This meter will raise if you are fighting one of the many Behemoths or whenever a party member (or yourself) faints during battle.

Keeping an eye on this is keen if you want a smooth slaying experience. Because if you and your team let that meter rise to 100%, Behemoths will begin to dish out major damage and you guys won’t be able to revive downed teammates.

There’s also a helpful trick that you can do to take advantage of the meter instead of wasting your limited healing items.

If you notice that your health is a bit low and the meter happens to be at a low number as well, you can always let yourself die so that you can be revived by your teammates without using up your precious items.

We don’t recommend doing this all of the time, as your teammates might catch on and kick you out of the squad for being annoying, but it can help if you happen to lose a lot of health while the danger meter is still pretty low.

Also, if two teammates help each other to revive a downed player, the danger meter decrease even further compared to just one person reviving a player.

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