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6 Games That Are Clearly the Black Sheep of Their Series


6 Games That Are Clearly the Black Sheep of Their Series

Metal Gear Survive

metal gear survive, worst games

After Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain came out, Konami decided to continue with the MGS series without Hideo Kojima –big mistake on Konami’s part.

It led to Metal Gear Survive, a multiplayer survival stealth action-adventure game with tower defense elements built into it as well, yeah it’s a mess.

It takes place in an alternate dimension between the events of Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain, following a Captain who is trying to solve the mystery of a virus that is turning people into zombies.

Metal Gear Survive could have been a decent multiplayer survival game to sink plenty of hours in with some friends, but the game not only tarnished the MGS name but it was ultimately boring and a quick cash grab for Konami after Kojima’s departure from the studio.

Konami even charged players $10 to make a second save file for the game; if that’s not corporate greed that I don’t know what is.

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