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Wynncraft: Underice Quest Guide


Wynncraft: Underice Quest Guide

Underice Quest Guide in Wynncraft

If you love Minecraft but you’re looking for a little more structure to the experience, then boy – Wynncraft is for you. Dubbed the Minecraft RPG, Wynncraft drops you into a massive pre-built world filled with story, quests, characters, and treasure to uncover in a traditional RPG experience. One of the many quests you’ll come across is Underice, so here’s our Underice quest guide in Wynncraft.

How to Start Underice

To start Underice in Wynncraft you’ll need to head to Nesaak, the small fishing village in the middle of the snowy area on the map. Once there, track down Fredris to start the quest, and the village will have you investigating the mysterious disappearance of all the fish underneath the ice.

Quest Guide

Now that you’ve started the quest, we’ll help walk you through each step of it, but first, you’ll need a Breathing Helmet I. This item is gained in the Underwater quest, by buying it Sayrr for 3 Pigman’s Meat and 1 Milk. Now that you have the helmet,

  • Head back to Fredris with the Breathing Helmet I
  • He’ll tell you to buy a Breathing Helmet II, which you can find at the Armor Merchant in Nesaak, and buy for 2 Emerald Blocks.
  • Return to Fredris with the Breathing Helmet II, then dive into the frozen lake and find the underwater cave.
  • Explore the cave and find, then speak to, Calamaro.
  • Now follow the river south to find the fishing dock.
  • Here you’ll need to obtain the fishing bait at the camp to the Northwest of Nesaak, and use it to catch a pufferfish.
  • Get the bait by killing Strato’s Soul, found in the left house of the camp.
  • Head back to the dock and drop the bait directly into the water next to the dock. Then the pufferfish will appear.
  • Now you have a choice; give the pufferfish to Gernald or Calamaro. You’ll get an item from either one, with the former giving you Gernald’s Amulet and the latter gifting Calamaro’s Token.
  • Finally, head back to Fredris to finish the quest and claim your hard-earned reward.

That does it for our Underice quest guide in Wynncraft.

For even more tips, tricks, and guides on Wynncraft, or Minecraft in general, make sure to search Twinfinite. If you need any other help or clarification, you can also leave a comment down below, and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.

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