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Senran Kagura Turns Your Waifus into Husbandos (Again) in Free PS4 Theme for April Fools’ Day

Senran Kagura

Senran Kagura Turns Your Waifus into Husbandos (Again) in Free PS4 Theme for April Fools’ Day

Back in 2012, Senran Kagura publisher Marvelous Entertainment launched the greatest April Fool joke of all time. Today, they brought it back.

The publisher released a free PS4 theme on the Japanese PlayStation Store alongside a special avatar set which literally turn some of the series most beloved waifus into husbandos.

To be precise, we see male versions of Asuka, Ikaruga, Yagyuu, Katsuragi, and Hibari, who went through the most radical transformation.

As mentioned above, this is a callback to an absolutely hilarious prank performed on April fool 2012 when Marvelous actually announced this as a game. Of course, it wasn’t real, but it basically became a legend among fans of the series.

Below you can actually see the tweet posted by Producer Kenichiro Takaki when he made the announcement. What a blast from the past!

You can also check out the theme itself in the gallery. It’s static and includes no special music or effect, but it’s still a piece of history. Do keep in mind that you need a Japanese PSN account to grab it. That being said, once it’s installed you can use it on any account regardless of region, as long as the console is set as primary.

Unfortunately, the avatars will only work with your Japanese account.

We don’t know whether the downloads will be still available tomorrow, so you may want to hurry.

This isn’t the only April Fool prank related to the Senran Kagura series released today, and you can check out the equally-hilarious one performed in the mobile game Shinobi Master Senran Kagura: New Link

If you’re interested in the franchise, in general, you should definitely take a look at all the info about Takaki-san leaving Marvelous (but he is still working on Senran Kagura, so don’t worry) and joining Cygames. You can also enjoy another recently-released PS4 theme, this time featuring the actual waifus.

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