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Check out These 6 Games If Endgame Has You Feeling Crossover Fever


Check out These 6 Games If Endgame Has You Feeling Crossover Fever

There hasn’t been anything quite like the Marvel Cinematic Universe in gaming. However, we’ve seen a fair share of crossovers, and some were more ambitious than they were enjoyable.

Even the worst of the bunch gave us memorable character combinations that previously seemed impossible. At their best, these crossovers inspire a feeling of childlike wonder. These are the six biggest video game crossovers.

Super Smash Bros. Series

crossover, super smash bros. ultimate

No reason to leave this one for later in the list. Super Smash Bros is the undisputed king of the video game crossover. The latest title in the storied franchise —Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — boasts a ridiculous list of fighters, stages, items, collectibles, songs, and more from over 100 gaming franchises.

From humble beginnings at HAL Laboratory over two decades ago, Super Smash Bros. has become a gaming juggernaut. It all started out with just 12 fighters and has ballooned to 76 (80 once all DLC is released) in Ultimate.

It’s one thing to have a massive roster, but the quality of the lineup is unparalleled. It’s crazy to think that there’s a game franchise where you can pit Mario against Pac-Man, Sonic, Mega Man, Cloud, Snake, Ryu, Bayonetta, or Joker.

Of course, the battle must take place on top of the Great Plateau Tower from Breath of the Wild –the views there are unbeatable. Just be careful to avoid Boss Galaga and Bomberman while you’re duking it out. They’re surprisingly deadly if taken lightly.

It’s hard to believe that any game or franchise will be able to pull off what Nintendo has done with Smash Bros. What started out as a simple fighting game featuring Nintendo characters has become a glorious ode to gaming.

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