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5 Best Upcoming Epic Games Store Exclusives


5 Best Upcoming Epic Games Store Exclusives

The Epic Games Store is doing its best to dethrone Steam as the top platform for players to buy and download games on PC. Alongside free titles each month, the storefront features a handful of exclusive deals and game launches players won’t find anywhere else.

Already, we’ve seen amazing games like Hades and Metro Exodus launch on the service, with plenty more still to come later this year. Below we’ve listed the five best upcoming Epic Games Store Exclusives that you’ll want to keep an eye out for in 2019.


Epic Games Store, Control

In Control, players will lead Jesse Faden through a futuristic, clandestine United States government agency known as the U.S. Federal Bureau of Control (FBC). To beat them, she’ll need to master her supernatural abilities, including telekinesis, levitation, and the power to take over enemies bodies.

While developer Remedy Entertainment has only revealed a little bit of gameplay so far, what we have seen shows that Faden’s abilities will create some stunning sequences and visuals. This isn’t entirely surprising, as Control takes advantage of the same engine that the company debuted in Quantum Break, known as the Northlight Engine.

Alongside the unique setting and engine, Remedy has stated that Control’s structure and story will differ a lot from its previous games. Instead of a linear tale, the upcoming action-adventure title will feature side quest and follow a more Metroidvania-like format.

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