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10 Best Video Game Commercials That Stand the Test of Time


10 Best Video Game Commercials That Stand the Test of Time

Video game commercials are somewhat of a mixed bag when it comes to quality. When an ad campaign gets it wrong, they’re usually a couple miles off target. I’m looking at you Dead Space 2 ad campaign.

On the other side of the coin, when a video game commercial is good, it can bring up nostalgia as strong as the game itself does. That’s what we’ll focus on today. These ads not only pique interest in what they’re selling, they also make us laugh and evoke feelings of nostalgia for simpler times. They are the top 10 video game commercials of all time.

Super Mario Kart: Lets Go Racing

Within the context of how Super Mario Kart plays, this is one of the funniest video game commercials out there. Even without knowledge of the game, this ad is exceedingly ridiculous.

How can you not laugh at, “Two speeds: fast and WAY TOO FAST,” or, “It’s Super Mario Kart funny car MADNESS!” We have yet to determine what that even means, but it’s certainly entertaining. There are just too many good quotes to list from this single video.

Demolition derby parodies will never get old because they’re inherently ridiculous. Read this sentence: And kid’s tickets are just five bucks. It’s not even in all caps and you knew to use that over-the-top announcer voice in your head. That’s what makes this ad so good. It uses our universal — or at least American — agreement of how inane those actual commercials are.

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