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These Fake Facebook Games Are Absolutely Insane


These Fake Facebook Games Are Absolutely Insane

Almost everyone uses Facebook, and game companies know it. While some advertise their titles with trailers that show off (mostly) accurate gameplay, others would rather partake in the age-old tradition of false advertising.

I’m not talking about trailers that display graphics destined for downgrading but videos that try to make mediocre simulation games look like the next The Witcher 3.

Recently, these ads have run rampant through Facebook and other social media platforms. The teams behind these less-than-average Facebook games do everything in their power to produce the most memorable and crazy trailers.

On the one hand, it’s hugely frustrating, on the other they’re such gross misrepresentations of the actual product it’s actually somewhat amusing. Let’s recap the best (read worst) efforts.

Insane Looking Fake Facebook Games

League of Angels

The source of basically 99.99% of social media’s false video game advertising, the team behind League of Angels tries every trick in the book. My god, do they try.

The League of Angels “series” is basically a bunch of RPGs that play themselves, so gamers can spend as much time as possible staring at sexy women in chainmail bikinis battle every sort of demon and beast. Yes, it’s the kind of game that shamelessly uses sex to sell, even though it features a few token male characters.

Of course, if you judged League of Angels by its trailers, you might assume it’s the unofficial love child of World of Warcraft and Diablo III.

These videos show off typical, fast-paced isometric ARPG action that makes even Diablo look slow and tedious. However, some ads use live-action women in their underwear who slowly equip skimpy fantasy armor, because… chainmail bikinis. If only the offensiveness stopped there.

One of the latest League of Angels trailers stars a random, pushy guy trying to ask a woman on a date. He gets rejected (with a slap), clears one dungeon, finds a chest that contains an entire set of epic armor —with a unicorn to match— and the digital trophy girlfriend falls in love with him because apparently, she’s only into rich men. Nothing says insane like a trailer that advertises treasure chest unicorns.

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