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The Best Devil May Cry Games, All 6 Ranked


The Best Devil May Cry Games, All 6 Ranked

Best Devil May Cry Games Ranked

6. Devil May Cry 2

If you’ve never played Devil May Cry 2, well, you’d be forgiven. It’s easily the black sheep of the series, and everyone from fans to Capcom themselves seem to prefer to pretend the game never existed at all.

The biggest offense DMC 2 committed was completely changing Dante’s personality, almost completely removing the character’s trademark cockiness and sarcasm. Dante is a completely straight character this time around and, in fact, he barely talks at all. Instead, a second playable character named Lucia was introduced.

However, the big problem is that all of Lucia’s missions are simply recycled content from Dante’s missions, adding in very slight alterations. On top of all this, DMC 2’s combat was much simpler and more streamlined than the first, and the game in general simply feels less polished.

It’s not all doom and gloom with DMC 2, though, as the core story is still interesting, looping in all the demonic themes and religious overtones that you’d expect from Devil May Cry. Lucia, as a character, also manages to be an interesting addition, although we never get to see her again.

What it boils down to, is that DMC 2 didn’t come anywhere close to the heights that the first game reached, and its negatives severely outweighed the positives. Luckily, Capcom learned from their mistakes and followed it up with phenomenal next entry.

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