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MLB The Show 19: How to Get Stubs Fast and Easy


MLB The Show 19: How to Get Stubs Fast and Easy

Updated on May 8th, 2019

Welcome back to another year of Diamond Dynasty and MLB The Show 19. If you’re here, you’re probably new to the mode, perhaps the series, or you’re just having a hard time getting the cards that you want. Here are our tips for how to get stubs fast and easy in MLB The Show 19.

We’ve been doing this for a few years and while there are tweaks every year that we need to adjust to (RIP the equipment exchange), there are some fundamentals that remain true.

Step 1: Grind Out Easy Stuff to Get a Nest Egg

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For anyone just starting out, the first thing we recommend is to do all the easy challenges that will reward you Stubs for little effort.

In MLB The Show 19 we have the luxury of Moments now.

Moments are a great new addition to Diamond Dynasty which adds a series of historical themed challenges that will reward you with Stubs, EXP (which will earn you rewards over time now), and eventually highly rated cards (which should be your ultimate goal anyway, Stubs are just the means to that end).

Jump into Moments and start knocking out anything that you feel you can succeed in. Don’t go crazy bashing your head against the wall on really tough Moments if you’re just trying to get Stubs fast.

If you really want the final card reward though, by all means go for it, it just might not be the most effective way to get Stubs easily.

If you opened a bunch of packs from pre-order bonuses or just happen to have a lot of cards for whatever the reason might be, look through them and see which ones are worth selling on the community board, and which ones might be worth turning into your Live Series collection.

For every 10 unique cards you turn into for a specific team, you’ll get 200 Stubs and some EXP and you’ll earn progress towards whatever card that team is featuring.

Finally, go to the currently featured program and see what challenges you can take out there. Like the Moments, some of them will reward you with easy Stubs and XP that you can do just from playing the game.

You’ll need a nest egg of a few thousand Stubs at least to effectively preform the other tips we suggest.

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