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If Farming Simulator Can Get Its Own Esports League, These 5 Games Should Definitely Be Next


If Farming Simulator Can Get Its Own Esports League, These 5 Games Should Definitely Be Next

One month ago, news hit the Internet that Farming Simulator 19 would receive an esports league. Now, for many, Farming Simulator 19 is not the most exiting game, but that got me thinking. Plenty of other games would, however, make great esports platforms. So, here are a few that should receive their own esports leagues.

Games That Deserve Their Own Esports League

Retro Arcade Games

Arcade games are serious business. Gamers place quarters into slots, rack up as many points as they can, lose all their lives, put more quarters into slots, and repeat until they either run out of quarters, beat the game, or clear so many stages that the level counter exceeds the arcade cabinet’s memory.

Some gamers will never stop in their eternal quest to achieve the highest of high scores, and much like the Highlander, there can be only one.

Some arcade cabinet players are extremely competitive, as demonstrated by people like Billy Mitchell, the dethroned King of Kong. That level of competitiveness would make for an ideal esports league.

Imagine: an esports competition where participants compete not to KO one another but simply to score more points. Gamers would continue playing until they lose all of their lives, no breaks allowed. Whomever gets the high score wins. It would be a challenge of split-second decision making, twitch gameplay, and stamina.

Plus, each year could feature a different game. One year the esports arcade league could feature Donkey Kong, the next PAC-MAN, the year after that could be Centipede, then Galaga. Each year could bring new challenges, new surprises, and new champions.

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