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4 Big Fortnite 8.20 Update Changes Every Player Should Know About


4 Big Fortnite 8.20 Update Changes Every Player Should Know About

Big Fortnite 8.20 Update Changes

The Baller

fortnite the baller

Today’s Fortnite v8.20 update actually made quite a number of changes. While some were reasonably small or insignificant, such as the changes to the Infantry Rifle –get outta here Infantry Rifle, nobody likes you– there were a handful of rather crucial changes that all Fortnite players should be aware of.

First off are the changes to the latest vehicle to hit Fortnite, the Baller. The change implemented in this update isn’t quite as major as what’s to come (more on that later) but it’s still worth noting if you’ve been as much of a fan of messing around in this vehicle as we have.

Unfortunately, as of the 8.20 update, players will no longer be able to deal damage by propelling themselves into or otherwise colliding with enemies. The knockback from colliding with another player is the same, but there’s no longer the opportunity to humiliate your opponent with the bouncy sphere.

The Baller buffs don’t stop there either. As of the v8.30 update due to likely drop next week, all glass areas of the Baller will no longer act as a shield to incoming fire. Any non-glass parts will remain the same, but considering the entire thing is pretty much glass, that’s not going to do a whole lot.

Kinda questions the point of its health now, but we’ll get the full picture next week.

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