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Destiny 2: Where The Prismatic Matrix Location Is

Prismatic Matrix

Destiny 2: Where The Prismatic Matrix Location Is

Where The Prismatic Matrix Location Is in Destiny 2

A lot of things in Destiny 2 have changed since the launch of its new content update titled Season of The Drifter. Players who own the annual pass will have access to a whole bunch of new Gambit content today that’s for sure. When players log into the new season, they might be wondering where the Prismatic matrix location is in Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter.

One of the notable changes that effects all players going forward concerns the Prismatic Matrix, which was a way for players to earn some of the cosmetic items in-game being offered for real money.

Players can either receive a currency called bright dust in-game to purchase from a weekly rotating storefront or purchase a premium currency called Silver to obtain emotes, sparrows, and a unique armor set each season. The Prismatic Matrix gave players a random chance at earning an item they didn’t own if they completed specific requirements or purchased Silver.

OK, So, Where is it?

The Prismatic Matrix is being retired in Season of The Drifter because Bungie has decided to go in a different direction with how players will obtain cosmetic items.

Below you can read an excerpt from This Week At Bungie where the Dev Team talks about their changes.

“For Season of the Drifter, we want to try something new. We will be removing the Prismatic Matrix. Instead, every week, there will be different bundles available that can be directly purchased for Silver, allowing you to buy exactly the items you want directly. All unique bundles will also contain an exclusive vanity item available only through that weekly bundle.”

This system will remove some of the randomnesses that comes with obtaining the items you want. You’ll be able to check each week if a bundle of items you want is being offered instead of rolling for a random chance of getting the item you want.

Sure, not every item will be provided each week, but at some point during the season that shiny thing you’ve had your eye on will be available for purchase.

Well, that’s it for where the Prismatic Matrix is in Destiny 2. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. F’s in the comments for respects. For more tips, tricks, and guides on Destiny 2 be sure to check out our Wiki.

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