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April 2019 PS Plus Free Games Predictions


April 2019 PS Plus Free Games Predictions

The Bigger Game – The Division

PS Plus Free Games Predictions For April 2019

The Division

It’s coming up on that time when Sony announces what free games will be included on PS Plus for the upcoming month of April 2019. Since February was the last month Sony allowed any free titles on PS3 or PS Vita, we will have to keep our speculations strictly to PS4 titles.

For next month, it is very likely we will see Tom Clancy’s The Division offered up for free to PS Plus members for several reasons.

Firstly, The Division 2 releases this month on March 15. Sony has been known to offer titles for free around the time a sequel comes out to support the series and encourage more player to pick up the newest title, even if that means offering its predecessor for free. For example, Destiny 2 was on PS Plus in September 2018, the same month it’s third expansion Forsaken released.

Secondly, The Division is often offered for very cheap during sales. At the time of writing, it is 70% off at $14.99 with an additional 10% off for those who subscribe to PS Plus.

It would seem like a win-win for Sony to offer The Division for free. It will help increase sales for The Division 2 while still being a cheap option to offer for free compared to other AAA PS4 titles.

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