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5 Games Like Firewatch If You’re Looking For Something Similar


5 Games Like Firewatch If You’re Looking For Something Similar

Games Like Firewatch

Gone Home

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Gone Home was one of the very first games to popularize the “walking simulator” genre, and it’s a fascinating game with a riveting story to tell. You play as a young woman named Katie Greenbriar returning to her family home after studying abroad, only to find that no one is there, and something bad has happened.

Now that bad thing isn’t quite what you’d expect, no one is dead or anything, but there are some serious family issues the Greenbriar’s need to work out. Despite not being a horror game in the slightest, Gone Home sets a moody and atmospheric tone right from the start, as a terrible thunderstorm rages outside the house.

The Greenbriar’s house is crammed with story to uncover about each of the family members; Terry the father, Janice the mother, and Samantha the sister. It’s also chock full of 90s references, considering that’s when the game takes place.

Gone Home is still one of the best titles in the genre, and the slow methodical pacing of exploring the house is a huge breath of fresh air against the rest of modern gaming.

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