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Travis Strikes Again Black Dandelion DLC Gets a New Trailer

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Travis Strikes Again Black Dandelion DLC Gets a New Trailer

Today marks the release of the Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Black Dandelion DLC, and to celebrate Grasshopper Manufacture has put out a trailer showing off the new content. In the video, viewers get a great look at what they can expect from the new character and the Badman Strikes Back text adventure.

The most significant addition coming with the new DLC is the ability to play as Shinobu Jacobs. Long time No More Heroes fans will recognize Shinobu as the Katana wielding assassin who featured prominently in past titles.

In the Black Dandelion trailer, players can see that Shinobu is just as agile and deadly as she was in the past. She shows off plenty of stylish moves and combos that should have players excited to try out the character.

A Badman Strikes Back text adventure is also being added to the game and makes a brief appearance in the new video. The footage featuring the new story shows Badman commenting on the fighting style of Bad Girl and hints at some of the additional character information this text adventure will provide.

Considering that Travis Strikes Again has only been out for about a month, Black Dandelion seems like a great addition to the game. Hopefully, the new character and adventure can help keep the game fresh for fans who are eagerly awaiting the slightly larger Bubblegum Fatale DLC coming in April.

You can find the trailer for the new DLC below. If you want to learn more about Travis Strikes Again, be sure to check out our coverage of the game’s new game plus mode and season pass. For any questions you might have about the latest No More Heroes, you can head over to our guide wiki for answers. The Black Dandelion DLC is available now on Switch.

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