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Royale High: How to Get a Halo in 2019

Royale High, Halo, 2019

Royale High: How to Get a Halo in 2019

How to Get a Halo in 2019 in Royale High

If you haven’ been able to adorn your Royale High character with a halo yet, worry not. We’re here to help you get one with a guide on how to get a halo in 2019 in Royale High.

Offered as limited time cosmetic items throughout the year, halos are some of the rarest costume item drops players can get their hands on. Each requires players to complete very specific quests to even prompt a drop, and even then it’s left up to RNG.

Most all of them are tied to holiday events too, so the windows to obtain them are brief.

It’s not impossible though, and more often than not you’ll happen upon Royale High players who have unlocked halos and can help you along your way.

In the meantime though, we’ll be listing the many ways you can unlock a halo in this guide, updating it as new holiday events and halos are offered in the game.

Valentine’s Day Halo

Tied to Valentine’s Day, Royale High’s newest halo sports a ring of roses and interwoven heart shapes, all aglow in a charming pink hue.

The halo can only be unlocked for a limited time, so if you’re interested in grabbing one for yourself, you’ll need to complete one of three select side quests.

It’s important to note, however, that even after you complete these quests the chance of receiving a halo comes down to RNG.

If you complete these missions and still don’t receive a halo, wait two hours and refresh the hub world from the fountain to try again.

The first requires you to go to the fountain and speak to an NPC avatar. Once you find him, talk to him and he’ll tell you about his desire to buy his girlfriend some new boots as a gift. To this end, he’s currently trying to get diamonds to buy the boots.

If you give him some diamonds to buy the boots with, there’s a chance your good deed will catch the eye of Cupid. If it does, your screen will flash pink and you’ll be rewarded with a halo.

The next quest occurs while wandering around the main hub world. Players have a chance of hearing about a group of friends giving each other gifts in honor of Valentine’s Day.

If you contribute diamonds toward these friends’ gift purchases, you’ll have the chance to be given a Halo.

The last quest requires you to find a rose to prompt its activation. After finding a rose, you’ll have the option to either keep it for yourself or give it to an ice fairy. If you choose to give it to an ice fairy, there’s a chance the good deed will prompt a halo drop.

Again, all of these missions only trigger a potential halo drop. Whether or not you get one comes down to RNG.

If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying every two hours until Valentine’s Day. If you don’t land one by then, rest assured that more will be available with each subsequent holiday and its quests.

Hopefully this helps you get a halo in 2019 in Royale High. For all the latest news and info on today’s hottest games, stay tuned to

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