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Apex Legends: Is There Split Screen? Explained

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Apex Legends: Is There Split Screen? Explained

Is There Split Screen in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends surprised the video game community by releasing, more or less out of no where, and has generated fans interested in following its progress thanks to its high-polish out of the gates. Co-op fans then are likely wondering whether or not there is split screen in Apex Legends. Allow us to explain.

Unlike some battle royale games, Apex Legends is a forced team game. You cannot play solo or duos, you’re always going to be on a three-person team. Hence the interest in split screen.

This is because the main hook of the game are the unique classes and abilities that only really get a chance to shine when they are used together as a team. Comparisons have been made to Overwatch and it’s not unfair.

So if you’re here, you’re probably wondering if you can set up a team right from the comfort of your own home via a split screen option. After all, it is a team-first game.

Sadly, that is not the case. There is no split screen in Apex Legends. This is not particularly shocking, because it’s virtually non-existent in the F2P battle royale genre but it would have been unique nonetheless.

You can play with friends of course, but it’s going to have to be over the internet, with everyone on their own home console. No sharing the game via co-op.

That does it for whether or not there is split screen in Apex Legends. Sorry we had to be the bearer of bad news on this one but at least you now have your answer.


Question: Is there a split screen option in Apex Legends?

Answer: No there is not. Like most battle royale games, you have to play the game via the internet to play with others.

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