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Apex Legends: Best Character to Use for Every Playstyle

Apex Legends, Legends, best characters, playstyles

Apex Legends: Best Character to Use for Every Playstyle

Best Character to Use for Every Playstyle in Apex Legends

Apex Legends stands apart from the increasingly crowded battle royale genre in a couple of interesting ways. Perhaps the most obvious is that players are able to choose from different “Legends.” Each has different strengths and weaknesses, owed to their various tactical and ultimate abilities. Here’s a breakdown of the best character to use for every playstyle in Apex Legends.

Best Tank/Defense Character in Apex Legends


Apex Legends, Legends, playstyle, best characters

  • Tactical: Can lay poison gas traps
  • Passive: Can see through his gas traps/grenades
  • Ultimate: Gas grenade that covers an entire area in thick smoke

Caustic’s abilities aren’t your traditional defensive traits, but he works very well in squads that have good communication and coordination. You have the tactical ability to lure enemies into dangerous traps or use his traps to defend a stronghold in the late game.

His Ultimate ability to lay down a blanket of smoke is excellent in close quarters, and it’s also very useful if you and your squad are taken by surprise. You can either escape or turn defense into attack, given that Caustic can see through his gas when enemies are blinded.

Note: You’ll need to unlock Caustic with 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins.


  • Tactical: Deploy a dome shield that protects teammates for 15 seconds.
  • Passive: Gibraltar uses a small shield to block incoming fire when aiming through sites.
  • Ultimate: Launch a mortar strike

Gibraltar is Apex Legend’s tank, capable of both taking and dealing hefty punishment.

He fills a supporting role thanks to his ability to provide a defensive dome over teammates when caught out in the open or when protecting knocked down buddies. He can also work offensively, though, sitting in windows with his gunshield up, picking enemies off, then launching mortar strikes on distant targets.

Best Support Character in Apex Legends


Apex Legends, Legends, playstyle, best characters

  • Tactical: Quickly zipline to out of reach areas.
  • Passive: Scanning a survey beacon reveals next ring location.
  • Ultimate: Lay down a zipline the entire team can use.

Pathfinder is extremely useful as a supporting Legend, but his abilities are just as handy in a solo/clutch situation.

His Ultimate is perfect for escaping the ring or when in hot pursuit of another squad. But equally, moving quickly in a gunfight or running from overwhelming odds is a handy individual advantage, too.

Everyone moves quickly in Apex Legends, but Pathfinders ability to zipline across the map means that he’s always like to arrive at or leave a destination faster than anyone else. Squad’s using Pathfinder have a big advantage in traversal.


Apex Legends, Legends, playstyle, best characters

  • Tactical: Healing drone to heal teammates.
  • Passive: Reviving knocked down enemies is faster, and all healing items take effect faster.
  • Lifeline Ultimate: Can call in a drop-pod for better gear.

Of all the Legends in the game, Lifeline’s role is perhaps most clearly defined. She’s a support character through and through, designed entirely around keeping her squad’s health replenished when necessary.

You’ll want to use her Ultimate as quickly as possible so that your team is equipped with the best gear from the get go. Later in the game, using care packages is probably less wise given enemy squads will have a lock on your position.


  • Tactical: Briefly invulnerable and invisible.
  • Passive Ability: A voice will warn Wraith of incoming danger
  • Ultimate: Can lay two portals and move herself and teammates through a dimensional rift.

Don’t believe what Apex Legends’ character select menu tells you — Wraith is a supporting hero. Although her abilities can be devastating in attack, Wraith is arguably better used supporting a squad, warning her teammates of incoming danger and laying escape routes to maneuver the squad out of danger.

That said, you could just as easily use those same abilities to tee up devastating stealth attacks. This makes Wraith one of the more interesting and higher-skill Legends in the game.

Best Offense Character in Apex Lgeends


Apex Legends, Legends, playstyle, best characters

  • Tactical: Fires a smoke bomb that explodes on impact and blankets area in a thick cloud.
  • Passive: Run faster under enemy fire.
  • Ultimate: Deploy massive artillery strike

Bangalore is your quintessential offensive character, best suited to run-and-gun playstyles that look to seek out the enemy and engage.

Moving toward enemies boosts movement speed, and her Ultimate is bound to net kills if aimed accurately. Just remember that the artillery barrage requires you to throw a beacon, so you’ll need to be in close, and the actual missiles drop from the air fairly slowly. Basically, keep the enemy pinned when using that Ult.

But you can also use Bangalore’s tactical ability in support as an escape go-to when under fire in open areas.


Apex Legends, Legends, playstyle, best characters

  • Passive: Enemies leave trails that can be seen by Bloodhound.
  • Tactical: Bloodhound can briefly see enemies and traps through walls.
  • Ultimate: You move with lightning speed in pursuit of enemies, and their tracks can be seen further and for longer.

Bloodhound’s ability to see through walls can’t be underestimated. Even though its range is fairly limited, it’s extremely handy for clearing buildings or shoring up a location you’re camping. In this way, he offers plenty in support.

But when you’re in hot pursuit of an enemy squad, it’s tough to run away from Bloodhound, which makes him best for a primarily offensive playstyle. His Ultimate gives him a speed boost and the ability to stay on an enemy’s trail, and he can keep pinging that tactical ability to see their location through walls.


  • Tactical: Deploy a decoy version of Mirage to draw fire and confuse the enemy.
  • Passive: Mirage drops a decoy when he’s knocked down.
  • Ultimate: Mirage goes invisible and deploys several decoys.

True to his name, all of Mirage’s abilities focus on dropping decoy versions of himself to confuse the enemy. For those that prefer outwitting their enemies rather than relying on pure aim, Mirage is an excellent choice.

He’s more of a clutch-type Legend that does well solo, since his abilities don’t so much help teammates directly, other than to draw fire away. You’ll have to play both aggressively and strategically to get the most out of him.

You’ve got the chance to get creative with Mirage, flanking enemies, drawing fire, facilitating tactical retreats, etc. We’re expecting to encounter some tough Mirage players as the skill level in Apex Legends continues to rise.

That’s all the information you should need about the best character to use for every playstyle in Apex Legends. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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