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10 Anime That Need to Head to Jump Force as DLC


10 Anime That Need to Head to Jump Force as DLC

Anime Series That Should Be Jump Force DLC

Shaman King

Shaman King is one of those Jump series that consistently gets overlooked, despite being quite popular for a period of time, even selling over 26 million volumes of manga in Japan. The series revolves around a young boy named Yoh, a spirit medium who seeks to become the Shaman King, and commune with the Great Spirit.

In order to become the Shaman King, however, Yoh has to enter the Shaman Fight, a huge tournament where Shamans around the world fight each other.

Shaman King has all the makings of other great Shonen series; fun characters with personalities that play off of each other, crazy over-the-top fights, and plenty of twists.

Yoh is able to channel spirits during battle, meaning he’d have a perfect moveset to translate into Jump Force. The series also has a unique aesthetic by combining traditional Japanese myths and legends with more modern settings.

Shaman King hit around the same time as Naruto and Bleach, giving it the same kind of legacy appeal. With a brand new series recently starting, Shaman King The Super Star, it seems only fitting the series makes its way into Jump Force.

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